In week three, the art students at MIC were fortunate enough to participate in a sculpture and moulding workshop with artist Frederick Berjot as part of the Flying Arts Program. Students were taught about the history of sculpture as well as contemporary trends in casting and moulding. Frederick discussed and demonstrated various techniques which students could use for their future making tasks. Frederick was impressed with the enthusiasm and positivity of the students who were able to experiment with plaster, bandages and alginate. Some of the pieces created during the workshop were be displayed at an exhibition later in the year.

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  • Frederic B says:

    Thamk you to everyone that help to put together the workshop , thank you to flying art thank you to the students and teachers. To finish the mas kleen with metylated spirirt , dry , then apply a sealer such as bondcrete , Let dry 24 hours and it is ready for painting.

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