ESSI Money Challenge New School Prize Winner

By October 23, 2017Students


MIC is delighted to be a winner in the “New School” category of the 2017 Suncorp ESSI Money Challenge, earning a $500 prize for our school. The ESSI Money Challenge is a financial literacy education game that allows students to practise real life financial transactions and experience consequences in a safe, fun and challenging way.

ESSI stands for Earnings, Saving, Spending, and Investing. Our year 12 students faced tough decision making in the game as they managed their living expenses, used credit cards, applying for jobs, set up savings accounts, took out insurance and bought shares. Numerous financial literacy quizzes popped up throughout the game, earning bonus points, virtual cash, and knowledge.

Our students explored the game as part of their Management Money unit in term 3. Three of our students – Bailey, Aimee and Olivia – became particularly enthusiastic and completed all 26 weeks/rounds of the challenge; doing so mostly in their own out-of-class time. These students built up about $20,000 net worth each by the end of 26 weeks. Not bad! Pity it was only a game : ). Still, the skills all students practiced in this game will put them in good stead for their future.

Contact our Maths Teachers Allison or Kristin for more information about ESSI Money.

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