Term 1, 2013


Lesson 1.
Students were given an overview of the music course along with important procedures and policies regarding music equipment etc.  This information can be found in the following powerpoint presentation: Yr 11, T1, Lesson 1.  Students then had an opportunity to explore Pro Tools recording software by viewing this Youtube Instructional Video and following along on their own Laptops.  The Pro Tools instructional course is available in iTunes University; course code is EML-RKM-QT6.

Lesson 2
At the beginning of the lesson, Andrew demonstrated how to quickly record a simple song in Pro Tools.  Students then viewed a Youtube Instructional Video and then had the remainder of the lesson to record something themselves in Pro Tools.


Lesson 1
Students were introduced to the Assessment Resources Page on the MIC website.  This page contains everything one would need to complete an music analysis assignment.  In particular, Andrew went through the first page of the Analysis Writing Guide and explained the marking criteria to students.  Afterwards, students viewed a sample assignment created by Andrew in the style of a video documentary: Youtube – Johnny B Goode.  This video demonstrates that an music analysis assignment doesn’t need to be “pen and paper”, it can be in any format that the student feels comfortable with.  It also shows that you can create an A level assignment with very little traditional theory language or notation…as long as you know what you’re talking about.