Term 1, 2012


Lesson 1
Students were given an overview of the music course for 2013 along with important procedures and policies regarding music equipment etc.  This information can be found in the following powerpoint presentation: Yr 12, T1, Lesson 1.  Students then divided into groups to prepare a musical performance using nothing but iPads.  The purpose of this activity is to get student thinking outside the box and exploring new ways to incorporate technology into live performance.

Lesson 2
Students viewed several videos of Kimbra performing her song Settle Down.  In the first video Kimbra uses nothing but her voice and an iPad in a live performance at SXSW.  In the second video, an interview, Kimbra talks about some of the difficulties using an iPad live.  In the third video, Kimbra performs with a full band at the ARIA awards and uses the iPad differently.  After viewing all three videos, students brainstormed various musical and technical considerations that Kimbra would have had to prepare for.  Here are the suggestions that students came up with: Kimbra iPad performance notes.
Students then used the second half of the lesson to put the finishing touches on their iPad performances and perform for each other.   It was very interesting to see how each student/group approached the task differently using completely different software and methods.


Lesson 1