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For this entire semester our Year 12 Business students have been working away on producing an all ages event that the entire city can be proud of. Valley Vibes will take place next Sunday June 16 at the PCYC. With a budget of $13 000 the Year 12s have secured the cream of Brisbane’s independent rock scene including DZ Deathrays, Millions,  Gung Ho, Call the Shots, Set the Record, Dollarosa and House of Giants.

The students have been responsible for every aspect of the event: booking bands; promotion and marketing; graphic design; artist liaison; security; sound and lighting; hospitality; photography and video.

Last year’s event attracted an audience of 150 and this year we are anticipating an audience of 300 – 400. Tickets are still available and you can get them through MIC.

Students will be required to attend between 9 am and 10 pm on Sunday June 16th. Not all students are required for the entire day so check with them to see what their roster is.

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