Music Industry College delivers an innovative educational program that empowers young people to succeed in the music industry and life.

At Music Industry College we believe that each student is unique in personality, intelligence, ability, learning style, skills and knowledge. The uniqueness of each individual needs to be identified, acknowledged, encouraged, developed and expressed within the college educational setting. It is our belief that true learning will only take place when the college staff and curriculum meets the student’s real interest and educational needs. Our experience has shown that by providing a “real interest” integrated educational program students are inspired and motivated to successfully complete and excel in their senior studies.

To assist with the delivery of our senior secondary Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority approved QCE and OP program we employ experienced, committed, caring, qualified and enthusiastic teachers; cap student numbers at 80; have small class sizes; generate an inclusive and accepting community; and partner with a number of local industry partners.

Student and parent testimonials are proof that at MIC education is amplified.

Our Students

MIC attracts a wide variety of students but the one thing that brings them all together is music. You’ll get to meet others who are just as passionate about music as you are. Student life at MIC allows opportunities to collaborate with other students, form a band, record your own music, produce work for other students, work in real industry situations like our all ages music venue 38 Berwick and Starving Kids record music blog. MIC is a place where you can make friendships and become a part of a community that will last long after you have graduated. Read more about what our current students have been getting up to get a real-life insight into being a student at MIC.

Our Staff

Our focus at MIC is on building a team of professional and dedicated teachers and trainers that have current and relevant experience in the Music Industry. Our staff are passionate and enthusiastic about their subjects because they walk-the-walk as well as talk-the-talk. The level of care and attention that is given to students at MIC by all staff, including the Admin Hub, is something we are all very proud of and is a constant focus for our team. Read more for individual staff profiles and news items relating to our team.

Key Dates – 2018

Mon 8 January – MIC staff returns
Mon 22 January – Year 11 Induction Day
Tue 23 to Thu 25 January – O-Week Camp
26 January – Australia Day Holiday


38 Berwick  – Live

2018 – Stay tuned for some fantastic gigs in 2018!


Term 1 – Mon 23 Jan to Fri 31 Mar
Term 2 – Tue 18 April to Fri 23 Jun
Term 3 – Mon 10 Jul to Fri 8 Sep
Term 4 – Tue 3 Oct to Fri 17 Nov (Yr 12)
Tue 3 Oct to Fri 24 Nov (Yr 11)